Is it Fall yet?

As September comes to an end, I find myself knee deep in ornaments, glitter, sparkles and  yes more glitter. As a retailer I ( small business owners probably agree) am busy gearing up for what I, hope to be a great bustling season. My buying for the holidays started way back in January and has been going on ever since. Every time i come across something new, or old… that I REALLY LOVE… i grab it.

I am so excited about what WE have to offer this season. I am loving our incredible replica maps of Toronto from 1916 including the Toronto Lake front , Muskoka Vintage map framed in burl or barn wood from 1904 is always a favourite as well. The Map of Paris will be in the shop soon as well. We continue to carry some of our favourite cushions ,throws, linens, baby clothing in warm knits. Super excited about a 100% cashmere line we have coming later on in October. We have new furniture,  bath lines and a gorgeous line of hand made bowls. I think this is the year where OLD RIZO meets NEW RIZO perfectly!! I am excited and we hope you will be too. Oh yes…. stay tuned for our OWN signature candle!! finallY!!

I have been fortunate to have a huge number of loyal customers that eagerly await this season to see what we have coming into our store. I am always apologetic for the 6 ft high boxes that often block our doorway yet our wonderful customers get even more excited to  see what is new! We have had a very successful year, and I am still looking forward to more positive growth.  More importantly though,  I, (we) are grateful for the smiles and the positive encouragement . Nothing makes my day more than when a customer walks in and tells us that our little tiny shop is their “mini getaway”.

We may not be able to compete in numbers with the big guys, but that has never been our goal, We strive on offering the best customer service we can and although it is challenging , I will continue to source the most unique finds I can. So on that note, lets enjoy the beautiful weather we have, the gorgeous colours on our tress and look for inspiration in the great outdoors.


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Oh beautiful June!

So June has arrived and finally, yes finally, the warm weather! Everything is in full bloom and the great outdoors await!  You can tell people want to get out, they want to breathe the fresh air, they want NEW!  New garden accessories, new throw pillows, new bedding, everything new! June is usually when we are busiest designing and decorating homes. People want fresh starts and starting at home is always a good idea. From simple jobs like finding the perfect paint colour to just changing around the layout in a room to complete overhauls! We are taking out the old and in with the new!!

I have learned quite bit about people in the last few years. Often times we want different or at least we think we do, sometimes its just a matter of seeing things through different eyes!

I try to do this with my clients, offering different ways of reusing some decorative items they already have . This saves the budget and sometimes sanity! Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean slate but a clean slate isn’t always the practical way to go about things. Clients seem grateful and frankly I get satisfaction working this way. There is always room to add a few NEW finds to the collections they have and my shop is bursting with those unique finds!

Enough about the inside , lets talk GARDEN!! Entertaining and decorating, seeing what we can add to make the most of our short, very precious summer days!! We have some incredible pieces this summer. Everything from rusty or as I prefer to say , petina, garden ornaments, oversized flowers, garden creatures etc. One of my favourite things that I found this summer is this recycled tire horse!

How gorgeous this horse would be attached to a willow or maple? Its huge! Can hold an adult up to 400lbs.  I have encouraged everyone who has purchased this to take a picture of it hung from their tree!

I have snuck in the picture of the antique coca cola coolers. Its functional and would look great filled with ice and refreshments. On the flip side, why not use it as an herb garden, filled with rosemary?

So, on that note, I wish you a beautiful, glorious JUNE!!!






Spring has sprung?

Well it’s May 1st tomorrow, its hard to believe by looking at the thermometer outside my door!! It has been gloomy and rainy for 3 days and there is no chance of sun for 3 more!  I know we all love to complain about the weather, I, myself am guilty of it , I am a summer person, hot sun and all, but I digress, I choose to keep myself busy. I am surrounded by spring for 8 hours a day in my little shop!

Stock is coming in daily and I am really happy with my selections. My store feels happy, green and sunny. The feedback has been equally positive which also contributes to the smile on my face when our wonderful customers come through the door!

Our customers have been eager to enjoy the great outdoors and are stocking up on our latest and greatest buys!! A small pick-me-up or treat, as it is often referred to!

We have everything from summer throws, to Canadian made teas, as well as this fabulous picnic basket!! We are stocked with adorable gifts and clothing for the new spring baby, the tired parents and the overjoyed grandparents. We have all our eco-friendly cleaning supplies to freshen up the cottage, new cushions and table linens. Trellises and garden decoration and much, much more eye candy!

So come visit, We love catching up! Lets look forward to the warmth and the sun, our blooming gardens , our park picnics and endless nights entertaining friends and family!!!

So, hello May! …goodbye April!

Cheers to spring!




NEW 2014

So Christmas has come and gone, and so we begin with new resolutions that we probably won’t keep. I recently heard that we should be realistic and do weekly resolutions as opposed to the year long ones. Sounds reasonable enough, so here goes!!

This is my first post of 2014, We had a crazy holiday season, busy busy which is great considering the economy and the that the retail industry that i started in has long gone to the dogs. We are still here, once again trying to keep my tiny shop fresh and new!!! I have an amazing selection of new stock and yes, we are following through with some of our old favourites! Caldrea, is still an incredible seller for us and once again they have introduced a new scent, and I LOVE it!!! We are introducing Caldrea candles and even dryer sheets!!

The weather has been far from cooperative and I am already ready for SPRING!!! I know ,I’m dreaming!!! Off to L.A in February and the Toronto show is in a couple of weeks, so we look forward to a new year in business doing what I love. Some new doors in the horizon for me and I am excited!!!Cheers to a new year !!


a Royal Christmas??

So yes, I know what you are thinking “this early??”" No, no need to worry, we don’t officially call it Christmas till November 1st! As a retailer, Christmas starts pretty early, we put our first Christmas orders in as early as January for the the following year. Sadly, it kind of takes away from the event a bit. Most retailers, assuming the season went well, don’t “breath” so to speak till December 24th at around 4pm. Its okay though, I am not complaining!! Its a bit like a roller coaster ride from pretty much Nov 1st onwards. I love seeing customers that have been away or maybe haven’t come around in a while, I love meeting new ones and catching up with “old” ones. Again, I am prepping for the upcoming season.

I look forward to seeing it all come together and hearing the reactions from customers.  I look forward to the gift wrapping, the colder air, the first snowflake, the rosy cheeks , the well wishers, the stressed shoppers and to all that is Christmas!

So here we go! Christmas 2013!!!

Style At Home Special edition on ENTERTAINING IDEAS!!

So, the weather is getting cooler, (not sure I am thrilled as I am a summer person) the fall and Christmas stock has started to arrive in the store. Magazines already have pumpkins on the covers and the best in entertaining ideas are all on shelves.

I am always incredibly flattered when we are asked to showcase our design and merchandise and to my suprise we made it in again!! Check out the September Special Edition of Style At Home. Hope you enjoy the issue! New stock is arriving daily and these looks are timeless and quite easy to put together. Visit us at our store or on Facebook to see our latest finds! Happy Fall!!

Newly inspired

 It has been a Loong while since my last post, you get so busy with everyday life that you forget to take a second in the day, take a long breath and look around. I grew up on a tiny island in the mediterranean and haven’t returned to my roots in years. Well, this year i went for a four week vacay with my husband and kids back to Malta. It’s quite sad for me because i feel like even though many years have passed in my mind’s eye, things should have remained the same!! lol, clearly they have changed and so have I. I looked at things differently and I have to say i forgot how beautiful this tiny island of Malta was, I found a new appreciation for the culture, the beauty of the island. Although they are struggling, as is everywhere else in Europe, with a bad economy they still find the time to be happy with what they have.

I felt refreshed and re-inspired by the beauty of the architecture and the culture. I came home to less than ideal weather but c’est la vie! I am looking forward to a new season at my store, I feel like I am BACK, even though things in retail aren’t what they used to be, all I can do is LOOK forward. Competition is stiffer than ever, with every major box-store opening its doors in an already struggling retail market, I know that our customer base is strong and I feel we have grown with our clients. We, as a small retailer, have a small advantage….we get to know our customers, the issues they have faced, be it flood or other. We have built relationships with many and look forward to started new ones.


I look forward to a NEW fall and holiday season with a smile, although future is unknown to anyone, I look forward to seeing new and “old” faces, and catching up!

See ya soon,


Spring is just around the corner….I think!!

I havent been this excited to see the sun and feel some warmth in years! Maybe I am aging faster than I’d like to think, I find myself complaining about the cold like my grandmother once did!! Anyway, i am thrilled by the changes I see!!! My shop is once again filling up nicely with all my finds, the most beautiful sol flowers are bursting out of their buds and I am happy!!  Lets all look ahead at what is to come! Enjoy the weekends and life for that matter to the max . Lots more pics to come.

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Our Annual Christmas Open House!!!

So apparently the holiday season is in full swing!!!We are all glitzed and glammed with our most beautiful holiday selection of vintage inspired ornaments, gift idea for young and young at heart. What better way to get in the mood than a three day Christmas Open House to celebrate with All our Amazing customers. Get 20% off November 9th (10-8), Nov 10th(10-5) and Nov 11th (11-4). Hope too see you there!!!